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In the ever-evolving age of borderless networks, your security posture is critical to your organization's vitality. Data Breaches, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are just some of the daily contenders your I.T. Security team protects against.  Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and Cloud Applications used in your organization add another security layer that needs addressing. We help gel your security gaps into one cohesive solution. We work with leading technology companies to provide you with a defensive, in-depth approach to I.T. Security.

Our Solutions

Network Security
Cloud Security
K-12 Solutions
Network Security

The network is an integral part of any organization. It helps connect assets for accessible communication. A cyberattack on a system can be disastrous as cyber attackers can gain easy access to and control every device within the network. The security of any organization depends on the fortification of its network. At FSi, we understand your need for an ever-evolving network that can easily spot and obstruct data security threats. We partner with leading technology companies to ensure that you have complete control over your applications, content, and users. We help prevent malicious attacks over your organizational network by finding the loopholes in the network before attackers do.   

Cloud Security

The demand for cloud security services is ever-increasing. Due to the adoption of migrating from local services to cloud services.  Noteworthy, since the introduction of GDPR law in 2018, it means that hackers can easily breach both data processors and controllers. For this reason, while providing cloud computing services, it is also essential to manage cloud security efficiently. FSi provides various cloud security services that guarantee a robust defense system against data loss, as it can negatively affect any organization.

K-12 Solutions

Learning Management Systems (LMS)]

A learning management system provided by FSi for K-12 helps ensure an automated process for creating and managing assignments by teachers and administrators, generating tests and quizzes, and also providing the easy grading of students' works online.

Fully Managed Learning Platform
From assessments to providing a learning plan to giving out instructions and data and analytics management, FSI ensures a fully controlled and secured learning environment. Safe for students.

AI-Backed Platform
The FSi team ensures that you have access to a myriad of learning tools backed by artificial intelligence for easy management of online learning.

Web Filtering.

K-12 web filtering has evolved from Web Filtering to Student Safety and Classroom Management, FSi has been providing the leading solutions for the past 20 years to K-12 organization through out the USA and Canada for the past 20 year. 
Our Solution List

Next Generation Application Firewall -  EndPoint Security - Cloud Access Broker (CASB) - Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

E-Mail Security - Ransomware Protection - Cloud SIEM - Web Content Filtering - Student Safety - Class Room Management Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Incident Response - Security Awareness Training - Identity Management - Pen Testing

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